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A Victorian Stills icontest community

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Icontest community for lovers of the Victorian Period

Welcome to Victorian_stills, where modern Victorians can gather together to express their love of the Victorian Era through the form of icons.

Here, challenges will feature all aspects of the Victorian culture, such as fashion, art, and certain notable people. Also, films that take place in the period, such as North and South, etc, will be featured.

The Victorian Era refers to the years between 1837 and 1901 when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was the reigning monarch.
01. This is a stillness community, so absolutely no animation.
02. You have to be a member to enter in the challenges.
03. Even though it's preferred, you do not have to be a member to vote.
04. Votes are by poll unless otherwise stated.
05. Enter only new icons you make.
06. When submitting an icon, post the image and URL.
07. You should not show your entries to anyone until voting has ended and winners are announced.
08. Icons have to fit LJ requirements.
09. If you would like to use an icon, please ask in the post where we announce the winners to that challenge.
10. Other rules may be added for a specific challenge. They will be in the challenge post.

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